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>> america's middle class: rebuilding the dream on real money with ali velshi on al jazeera america >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello and welcome to the news home, i'm steven in doha with the stories around the world here on al jazeera. fighting intensifies in eastern ukraine and two helicopters have been shot down. u.s. secretary of state arrives in duba as talks continue to try to end the fighting in south sudan. in prison for 125 days as the days gets ready al jazeera journalists remain in egyptian
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jail. ready to name names the daughter of an ira murder victim says she is ready to help police in the case against the leader jerry adams. ♪ but first russia's president putin criticized ukraine for launching what we calls a punitive operation in the east of the country. kiev says it's blockading the town as part of an antiterrorist operation and ukraine defense ministry say pro-russian separatist shot down two of its helicopters in the region and pro-russia groups are now occupying government offices in several other towns and on wednesday they seized government offices and pro-russia separatists taken over government buildings and captured cancelled buildings and on thursday they took over the
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prosecutor's office in donsq. we have two correspondents covering the story and we will bet the russia reaction and we will go to eastern ukraine, this is a moving story, jona and bring us up to date with the latest situation report. >> reporter: it is indeed a moving story steve and it began about 4:30 a.m. outside when units of the ukrainian army appeared to launch the next phase in what kiev said was and antiterrorist operation and has been going on for weeks now with the army and camped outside but some way outside and 30 kilometers outside. and according to reports we have been getting from inside the city and also official reports from the interior ministry and defense ministry and spu
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security services what has happened is quote a large-scale operation to blockade slovansk and not to over run and directly over run the city and get it back from pro-russia forces and made it the capitol for several weeks now and what is the situation is nine checkpoints and barricades set up on roadways have been taken over by the ukrainian army. we cannot independently verify that. and that the ukrainian army is now holding a position at a perimeter around 10 kilometers from the centers in an effort to blockade the city. there has been violence at least two deaths on the ukrainian army side as helicopters were used down with service missiles with ukrainians point to evidence these are not domestic rebels but that they have been clearly infiltrated by professional
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russian soldiers. on the other side separatists claim at least two deaths and number of injuries in an operation they said tried to and succeeded in seizing back the main television tower outside the city. that is the situation as we understand it. now reports from inside suggest that it is tense but calm. >> is this all an attempt to reassert kiev's shall i use the word authority in the east? >> reporter: one can only assume, steven, that on some level that must be the objective. two days ago the government was putting out very negative signals about its ability to maintain law an order in this part of the country, and the acting president said the defense forces the army and the police were simply defenseless in the face of this wave of pro-russian take overs in eastern ukraine, at least 12 of them at this stage.
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on some level this must be an attempt to assert authority and control. and what the end game is not clear. possibly to try and rescue a number of hostages being held in the city among them osce observers and among them german citizens but as i say that is rather speculative at this point, we don't know what the end game of this operation is. >> thanks jona. there are reports putin sent an envow to seek the release of international monitors being held there and we are live from the russian capitol moscow. and what is the russian reaction? >> reporter: well, steven, it's been swift and it has been very, very harsh. the spokesperson for president vladimir putin said what happened in the last few hours is a punitive operation and it's
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something that kills off any final hopes for the geneva agreement which was struck last month to go forward. that was an agreement which involves steps by ukraine and russia to diffuse tensions in the east of ukraine. some members of the upper house of parliament in moscow said what is happening now proves that the western community has been naive about the government and democratic, on thursday they warned kiev was about to launch military strikes against quote its own people. very different spin being put on what is happening than kiev's instance it's trying to assert its control as jona was saying. interestingly as you alluded to, president putin has sent representative to the southeast of ukraine to try and help negotiate the release of those over sea observers.
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we haven't heard anything about them, at least in the last 24 hours. but his presence there and the fact that there are negotiations going on, it's not clear whether the last few hours events will help or hinder those efforts, steven. >> all right, thank you very much for joining us. well, the u.s. secretary of state has arrived in south sudan calling for an into the civil war there and john kerry warnd of a possible genicide if more peace keepers are not sent to end the conflict and he made the comments in ethiopia hosting talks between the government and rebels. the fighting insouth sudan is continuing and there will be more details of course as we move on. joining me from london we have a researcher with the africa program at the think tank house. the current fighting goes on in
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this atmosphere that john kerry says could lead to a genicide. what message is he taking there from washington? >> i think he is taking quite a stern message from washington and from the international community. the south sudan and opposition side and the government has been dragging their feet in negotiations and this seems to be a push towards the new talks being about more than just talks about talks but having some real substantive things with them. >> and washington was very much part of the process in establishing south sudan. since then has the u.s. authority or influence been waning somewhat? >> they are obviously shifting sands in terms of u.s. and
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international communities' influence. but this is very much why john kerry and others pushed the regular mandate here. they have asked for a regional protection force and a following up on that to be implemented in south sudan. and really the region in terms of this has been taking the lead in facilitating the talks. and john kerry's present was the head of eu and the region at the moment to talk to the prime minister and also to talk to the foreign minister there. >> is he going to talk to both sides or just south sudan? >> well, i'm not sure. i'm hopeful he will be able to press with both the president kia and bashir and the need for talks and denounce the killings
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that have been going on recently and support the u.n. mandates called for the month and cessation of hostilities and may is a month where those are stopped in the agreements which they signed at the beginning or end of january, sorry, are upheld. >> and his forces still control all or most of the other seven states in south sudan and they have the upper hand in terms of supplies, arms and international support. so is that where the power lies and is that why john kerry is going to duba? >> he is going to talk to the legitimate president of south sudan and that is something that he needs to be able to do. at the same time we are seeing that both sides, the government and the opposition groups are continuing fighting and oppressing that before negotiations. so going to -- with a message
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that is unacceptable, that the continuation of the killing shouldn't be going on, that sanctions may come to bear, if they do so targeted sanctions on individuals who are seen to be obstructed ing the peace and reconciliation process i think that is an important message. but much so to press to the two principles, president kia and mashir that really it's time to stop this war on the battlefield and begin the negotiations in earnest. >> all right we will leave it there and many thanks for joining us. to nigeria where a bomb blast killed at least 19 people, it's the second attack in two weeks and happened close to the site of a similar explosion at a bus station last month in which 75 people were killed. and evon reports. >> reporter: the car bomb exploded very close to a check point manned by soldiers and police, a few kilometers from
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the city center. there were fatalities and injuries. survivors were rushed to hospit hospital. >> in brother was standing with me. >> reporter: they were stopping something like this happening and there may be questions about how such an attack could happen under their noses. two weeks ago a bomb exploded at a bus station in almost the exact same place killing 75 people. the leader takes responsibility for the attack at the bus station in the video and in it he challenges the government to go after his group. >> translator: we are right within your city and you don't even know how to find us. >> reporter: hours before this latest blast the government told al jazeera it has a situation under control. thousands of soldiers are fighting the group and there was a decrease in attacks until this
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resent up surge. >> we are joined here and what is happening there and is the government in control? >> well, steven, in the last few minutes the refuge from the car bomb that went out has been moved from behind where i'm standing. the entire area is quartered off by security agents and military and police here and a heavy presence trying to keep some on lookers, at least 100 to a thousand or so, more than 100, maybe in the thousands have shown up to have a look at what happened. to my left hand side is a major road and remember this attack happened on the way into the city center of abuja and the traffic is flowing and authorities are clearly determined to maintain some degree of normalcy here despite what has happened, whether the government had the situation under control they would say, yes, they do, that they are doing everything that they can to prevent such attacks, that
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they are doing everything they can to fight this, the group who is believed might have been behind the attack and claim responsibility for a similar attack and almost the same location about 2 1/2 weeks ago which more than 75 people were killed. they say this is terrorism. this is global terrorism. and nigeria is getting its share of it and it will not cower in the face of terrorism and doesn't agree with some of the criticism why the attacks are happening even though thousands of soldiers have been deployed in the capitol and northeast of the country to prevent attacks and say they do have the situation under control despite what is going on. >> and despite two explosions in the same place in just two weeks? >> well, that's right. and this comes at a hugely significant moment for this city and this country because next week nigeria is due to host the
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world economic forum and hundreds of high profile officials around the world will come here including the chinese are premier. the organizers say they are determined to go on with the event even though there has been this incident. they say they won't cower to terrorists and will not cower in the face of terrorism and life almost has to go on as normal while security agents do all they can and try and root out the militants who are causing such devastation. >> we are reporting there and thank you evon. you are watching the news hour, still to come dozens are injured in a rail crash in south korea, we have the latest from seoul. and somali journalists who fled to kenya are fearing for their lives and the golden state warriors with the clippers will go into a 7th game.
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♪ egypt ion state television is reporting three bomb attacks across the country, a senior policeman was killed by a roadside bomb outside a court in eastern cairo and others wounded and the device was placed in a traffic signal box. the attack happened hours after two suicide bombings in south sinai and one person was killed at a check point on the road and another bomber targeted a tourist bus. one of the four al jazeera journalist in prison in egypt has been on hunger strike for 102 days and he has been held without charge since august. and peter greste and fahmy and mohamed have been in jail 125 days and will be back in court on saturday. they are falsely accused of providing a platform to the out lawed muslim brotherhood now declared a terrorist
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organization and al jazeera rejects all the charges. one of the imprisoned journalists fahmy received a press freedom award for his contribution to the industry. the canadian committee named him its 16th recipient. the award is for outstanding contribution to the writer freedom of expression in the face of persecution. and he is a canadian egyptian citizen. all three of our detained journalists have written to thank campaigners for their backing. they have emphasized how important freedom of expression is to the world. here is what he wrote from the priso prison. >> i'm writing this letter from behind bars. i want to let you know that i'm truly proud to be a journalist but also proud to be a member of the global media community. i'd like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the
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extraordinary efforts of the campaigners fighting for freedom of expression on our release. i'm confident the fight for freedom of expression will never be abandoned. i want you to know that nothing in this world will break us. i know that after this experience i'll be stronger, always seeking the truth. when i was covering the conflict in libya i came to see the journalists are just not reporting the news, they are truth seekers. imagine for a moment what would happen if we stopped working with courage. if we abandoned our integrity and gave up independence and freedom, it would leave the world a far more ignorant place with dictators free to take advantage and flurish. i learned my profession with the japanese and the highest expression of gratitude is bow so i want to bow for free press and end to our detention.
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>> let's bring in the international federation of journalist and a former spokesman for the international criminal court and is live from brussels tell us why world press day or press freedom day is so important. >> it's very important because as you just heard we are far from achieving that kind of idea in the real world. we have many colleagues who are behind jail like in egypt but also elsewhere like in turkey and other places. and so this is an occasion for us to rally around our profession and to call again on the government to respect the right of journalists to go about their business in total independence in the activity. >> al jazeera has four journalists detained in egypt. how earnest is your organization
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trying to help freedom? >> well, we have had some contact so different diplomates in europe who wish to express their concerns as they see them on the way that the al jazeera particularly was reporting events in egypt. we were also able to express our own concerns and preoccupations on the treatment that your colleagues and our colleagues have received in egypt. and we are continuing those discussions. we believe that our points are clear to everyone who is fair minded and will listen to what we have to say and we are very confident in the end about this and it's so hartening is they have high spirits and committed
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to their profession. >> coming up, next month in egypt, earnest, as you know, is it a fair question to ask what can we expect, what is likely to be happening in terms of press freedom with the new government, a new president? >> well, i think it is and especially if you look at the theme that they adopted for this year, freedom for a better future, i think this is the occasion for all governments which are in transition including in egypt to really consider what kind of format or mode of governance they want in the years to come and i will make it very clear and we made it clear for many years that press freedom is one of the pillars of democratic rule in any country. >> lastly how would you describe press freedoms or perhaps more
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accurately lack of press freedoms in egypt? >> well, ever since the crisis erupted in egypt there have been incidents where journalists have been attacked while covering protests. we have had to send a mission to egypt the last year at the height of the protest to show our solidarity with our colleague in egypt under ground and we also organized some trainings which we invited colleagues and all these were to show that we know the situation in egypt is not easy but that everyone, including the authorities, need to be very clear in their mind that unless they allow journalists to go about their business, to report what is truth, what is happening, then the public is not going to be informed and then be able to make their choice as to whether they support what is going on in the
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country, or not. so clearly there is a lack of communication in egypt on the part of the authorities and we need them to really let the media do its job and allow the public in egypt to get information they need and make the choice they need to make for their country. >> thanks for joining us on the news hour on al jazeera. >> thank you. >> dozens of people have been hurt in a subway crush -- crash in seoul and two subway cars derailed due to the impact and harry faucet is in the capitol, seoul. >> passengers on this train in the station would have felt enormous impact as the train behind barrelled into it and we see damages on carriages we are working past and a great number of workers and train members trying to see how much damage has been sustained by these carriages. what it really does is well show
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just how gripped the country is still by public safety. a little over two weeks since the disaster and south korea has to deal with what is a major public safety event. it seems so far the injuries have been relatively light but it has not been anything on the same scale as the other tragedy but the country of the country saying there has to be a branch reform of safety culture throughout south korea. in a little over two weeks since the terrible country off the southern tip on the capitol seoul, one of the most busy and used lines of the subway system we see this. >> dozens of people suspected of being involved in a global extortion have been arrested in the philippines and describe the joint investigation at a news conference in the capitol manila and victims exposing themselves in front of web cams and then blackmailed for money. and we have the latest from
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manila. >> reporter: philippine officials are saying they have arrested dozens of suspects believed to be involved in what they call sex-tortion groups around the country and 58 are believed to have syndacites and operating across the country and they open false facebook accounts and make friends with nationalitys across the country and lure them into opening skype accounts and convince them to reveal intimate videos or photos of themselves and afterwards try to extort money like 200-500 according to philippine officials. cyber crime is a major problem in this country and it's not that they are running out of laws to protect them. there are enough government laws that have been filed, cyber crime bill filed a couple months
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ago but it's enforcement for philippine officials and police to go after cyber crime groups here and some operated by foreign groups, they need the sophisticated infrastructure and this is how interpol and organizations across the world are involved. >> two inmates have been killed in an explosion at a prison in the u.s. state of florida, no inmates escaped but 600 prisoners who survived were moved to other prisons and the blast may have been caused by flooding. john reports. >> the deadly blast left scores of prisoners injured and parents wondering if their children were among the wounded. authorities from the county believe it started with a gas leak that occurred after unusually heavy rains left the worst floods in decades going through the florida panhandle wiping out roads and trapping people in their homes. >> we had a gas explosion and it did cause the partial collapse
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of the building and structural damage to the building. >> we did lose two inmates. we have accounted for all the other inmates that we do have at the jail and they have been placed at different locations throughout the county. >> reporter: the sheriff said investigators could not enter for hours because the building was too insecure and that left angry relatives demanding answers. >> he was crying and i see one or two body bags. >> reporter: the jail has had a troubled history, a u.s. investigation found inadequate management, strikingly high levels of violence and until recently a practice of segregating prisoners by race and i'm john with al jazeera. >> flooding there and what is the weather like around the world? here is everton. >> flooding in india as well and really heavy downpours coming in here. this is an unpronounceable name and seven syllables and rain coming down in the space of 48 hours and over the next 48 hours or so we could easily see a
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similar amount of rainfall. rain showers north and the cloud erupts with big downpours and stormy weather across the northern sections and bangladesh and northeast of india. this is an area where we see quite a rash of tornados at this particular time of the year. the buildings are not exactly the strongest of constructions of course. but we are looking at very strong winds and violent storms coming through here, power lines down and trees uprooted and houses damaged because of that and could see heavy downpours through the next couple of days and a good part of bangladesh and north india seeing showers and pushing up into napol and south they could see heavy showers through saturday and go on into sunday. it's a similar picture and more big downpours in here and showers on bangladesh and may go to cold cutter through the weekend with further flooding,
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steven. >> only seven syllables. we meet the families of members who come to fight in syria and plus most of these chinese children are running into a school of boys so where are the girls? find out the government of equal employment of working and the u.s. is set to host the oldest program in the world and we will tell you why later on in the program. ♪ r
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♪ welcome back, reminder of the main stories on al jazeera, russia president putin
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criticized ukraine for launching what we calls a punitive operation in the east and kiev says it's blockading the town as part of an antiterrorist operation. u.s. secretary of state john kerry arrived in south sudan and warning of a genicide if the civil war goes on. three detained al jazeera journalists have written letters and thanking campaigners and greste and mohamed have been in jail in egypt for 125 days and four people have been killed in libya during an attack on security headquarters in the port city of benghazi and soldiers fought with men for more than an hour and tried to storm the building and happened days after a bomber tried to kill people outside an army camp in benghazi. television is reporting 18 people including 11 children have been killed in bombings near the central city of hama. according to the report 50 people were injured in the explosions on friday. the government is blaming what
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it calls terrorists. and that blame follows the deaths of more than 50 people after a government air strike in eastern aleppo and happened in a market and air strikes there have intensified in the past two weeks. lebanon is playing an increasingly significant role in syria's war. and some supported the stance in supporting assad and others say it destabilized lebanon and we travels to a mainly sheer village where many have left to fight in syria. >> reporter: for months these students had been stuck in their classrooms with no other activities for them. some of the rockets fired by the rebels in neighboring syria are east of lebanon had landed in the vicinity of their school. but now after almost a year the students are out again. the rockets have almost stopped falling. >> translator: yes, since the syrian army and his --
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hesbollah took over. >> translator: the credit goes to our men in the resistance. >> reporter: men like this man who is a member of hesbollah who was killed before fighting in syria and his mother coming to his grave every single day since she lost him ten months ago and a few yards ago is his cousin killed two weeks ago also in syria. the mother tells me she has another son fighting in syria as well. the syrian opposition says thousands of men are in syria defending the regime of bashar assad and helping him crush his ap poieint -- opponents and th say he was a hero. >> translator: it was necessary for them to fight there, had
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they not gone the extreme groups would have come here in lebanon and killed them. >> reporter: covered with his blood and helmet and watch have become a source of pride for his family. despite the three children he left behind. people here boast about how it has succeeded in pushing back the syrian opposition forces especially the hard line groups that threaten the communities. but many argue say it was their decision to fight along the syrian government that triggered these opposition groups to target them and mostly suppor r supporters sent car bomb to their neighborhood, an argument that is largely dismissed here. >> translator: no, they had a plan to come over and fight us anyway. >> reporter: support is not waning here but the security barriers are still here and have not been removed despite the feeling of relative safety and people here realize the conflict in syria is not over and this is
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probably more of a lull than an end to the threat. syria is within sight from here and just as close as it's war. i'm with al jazeera in eastern lebanon. >> the daughter of an ira murder victim says she is ready to give names to the police, helen m mckendry went missing 42 years ago and held for questioning for two nights over her death which happened at the conflict in northern ireland known as the troubles. and they wanted to stay in the united kingdom but they wanted to be part of the republic of ireland and divides two arms of the christian religion and they are almost exclusively protestant while the others are catholic and more than 3 1/2,000 people killed and jerry adams have been president of the
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political wing of the now dispanneded ira and also a sittel mp in the british parliament and a key player in the 1998 good friday agreement which ended the conflict. under the agreement the prisoners were released but unsolved crimes committed during the troubles continued to be investigated as lawrence lee reports. >> reporter: this is a foreboding place where the questioning of jerry adams shows just how far this place is program being at peace with itself. it was 41 years ago that jean, the mother of ten, was abducted from west balfast and said she helped a wounded soldier and was an informer, she simply disappeared, her body only discovered years later. it under mine the ira claims to be fielthing a just war against i'm perilism and implicated the man who would later be an architect of the peace process for the ira commander who
6:37 am
organized the abduction. and their son spent thursday telling journalists he was pleas pleased history had not forgotten jerry adams. >> they killed my mother and we were orphans. these people didn't care what they did. they stole a car and wouldn't apologize for it. the uk in ireland and london said it was reasonable for police to do this and did not demonstrate political bias. >> we have an independent judicial system both here in england and also we do have one in northern ireland and there has been absolutely no political interference in this issue. we have independent policing authorities, independent prosecuting authorities. >> reporter: mr. adam said it was a disgrace. >> because jerry adams offered
6:38 am
to come forward a month ago and was not taken up at that time, our argument is it's clearly racist and the police went to arrest them in election. >> reporter: goes to prove how close to the surface all the old things remain. for years now northern ireland has been wrestling with conflicting demands and some people say the province has to move on and let by gones be by gones but on the other there is always a demand for justice and arresting jerry adams might look like no one is above the law but also runs the risk of perpetuating an endless cycle of incrimination. mr. adams maintains his innocence and what it all says about the peace process, in the end is the time here is no healer. lawrence lee, al jazeera northern ireland. >> tim friend is outside the police station in northern
6:39 am
ireland where jerry adams is being questioned. tim how is mr. adams' arrest likely to effect the atmosphere in northern ireland and i ask that because the old ghosts from the past troubles do keep emerging, don't they? >> they do indeed and that's why everyone here is watching this very, very carefully, jerry adams is still being questioned behind me here by detectives in antrim. but the difficulty of how these old issues are resolved is a real problem. some people have suggested that perhaps a truth and justice commission on the lines of south africa might be the way forward because while you have someone like jerry adams now, part very much of the political establishment both here in northern island and in the republic as you said in the introduction, he is part of a member of parliament down there
6:40 am
with aspirations to perhaps become a minister one day, while you have events like this taking place then you threaten the stability and the risk of reopening old wounds. we've already heard from the son of one of the sons of mrs mrs. mcconveil and one of the daughters and take among the family different views on how this should be pursued, the son says he is not prepared to name names because he is still frightened about possible repercussions and the daughter is ready to name names. so even within families like that there are conflicts on how matters like this should be resolved. >> what does it mean, tim, for jerry adams himself in this charged political atmosphere? how long can he be held for example? >> well, they have until 8:00
6:41 am
local time on friday here in antrim to hold him and they have to release him or charge him at that point but they can also go to a judge under terrorism act and ask for extensions up to 28 days. as to the earlier part of your question, what is the impact on him? well he is a member of the irish parliament, the doyle in the republic of ireland and represents laulf and ironically and coincidentally where the body of this woman was eventually discovered on a beach. now there may be supporters in resent years of shin and seeing jerry adams being questioned by detectives about allegations who might back off and might think i don't want to vote for a party that is headed up by jerry adams when all these allegations remain against him. so the possibility there not just in the north but in the
6:42 am
republic as well for the repercussions for shin and jerry adams himself are potentially quite significant. >> thanks, tim. somalia is dangerous if you are a journalist and many thread to neighboring kenya for a safer life but to order all refugees back to border camps left a large number fearing for their lives and we have more now from nairo nairobi. >> reporter: he feels at home in a radio studio, a broadcaster and doing this for years but he is not at home. he is in the kenya capitol nairobi and heading fled in 2010 and he was threatened but the al-qaeda affiliated group al shabaab fighting the government there and somalia is a dangerous place in the world to be a
6:43 am
reporter. >> i came here and when you are in journalism the life is not normal. not members here like sisters and brothers, father and mother. it is a very stressful life. >> reporter: the stresses of life for journalists here are getting worse. registered as refugees many have been earning a living freelancing at media companies like this one. but the kenya government's response for a tax by al shabaab is telling them to go to the border and includes reporters. a nairobi place and people are scared they will be sent back to camps and infiltrated by the al shabaab fighters they are threeing from and he was also a reporter in somalia when he fled in 2006 and said for journalists already threatened by the group
6:44 am
the camps could be a death sentence. >> because the security it's like somalia and maybe some elements can kill you so we are not going there. if there is no other solution we are ready to face the consequences and we go back to our country in somalia. >> reporter: there are other refugees from somalia but don't have the paperwork and not registered and won't come on camera to talk to us and they are at even greater risk to be sent to somalia or refugee camp. reporters who managed to get out of somalia these streets are their new home. but the threat of being sent back into danger haunts them everyday now and i'm jane ferguson with al jazeera
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nairobi. >> demonstrators have been rallying in support in caracus and have seen violent protests as the economy worsens and we report from there and some people blame the president maduro for man handling the situation while others are willing to give him a chance. >> reporter: honoring the workers' rights the way venezuela like most, dancing. ♪ thousands of government supporters gathered in the center of the capitol but more than celebrating may day they came to support president maduro who has been criticized for his economic and security policies. >> he was named by the president chavez and support the beautiful revolution and let's go forward. >> reporter: supporters are faithful to the commander-in-chief, the late president and that is why they joined the march. >> translator: i'm happy because by being here my commander is here with me and i
6:46 am
give life to all his thinking and his legacy. i will march around today, tomorrow and always. >> reporter: and there was a huge crowd and he will continue to fight for the project that chevez left behind. >> translator: what the working class wants is a revolution and that is what i will give the people, revolution and more revolution. >> reporter: the government shuttled thousands of people to the capitol for the demonstration that lasted more than seven hours. and like government supporters the opposition was not in a celebratory mood, instead they used may day to continue protesting. they say there is no reason to celebrate. >> translator: if i don't protest then i would be in difference and a conformist to the hurdles our country is going through. >> reporter: nearly three months have passed since violent protests left at least 41 dead and 700 injured and critics are not only against high inflation,
6:47 am
food shortages and crime and he chained his hands to protest a supreme court ruling that bans protests without permission. >> translator: we are protected by the constitution, we can protest anywhere, if we don't agree with any government, so i'm chained as a civil rebell n rebellion. >> reporter: small and opposition supporters say they will fight understand till -- until he leaves office but he was being cheered and a bus driver and union leader is the best representative for vent -- venezuela may day. >> reporter: coming up, find out if this monster putt helped him climb the leaderboard, that is in sport coming up. ♪
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>> announcer: boys have traditionally been favored over girls when it comes to education and three years ago the government introduced a new law at addressing that imbalance but girls in rural areas are still struggling to leave their traditional roles behind. >> with these children in the village all education is the first step towards getting out of poverty. they are among the poorest people in china but despite a law making education compulsory for all only a few of the students here are girls. like all the other women of her
6:50 am
family 14 year old chan has never been to school, inside she works the fields with water buffalo for 15 hours a day. >> translator: i wish i could go to school and make some money so i could sent my little brother and sister to go to school too. >> reporter: but young's grandmother said that is not really an option for her and life is just too difficult for women here, traditionally boys have always been preferred so they get the education and when the time comes the boys can migrate to the city to find better paying jobs, leaving the women behind to ten to the families and to the farms. according to the government 99.79% of all children meant to be in school are. but that figure doesn't seem to reflect the reality particularly in rural china where mixed classrooms like this one are a rarity, and there boys and girls are still locked in traditional roles. >> this is for girls to get an education is supposed to address
6:51 am
deep seed prejudice and break stereotypes. >> translator: the biggest consequence of the girls not going to school is assault and the practice will pass on to the next generations. the lack of education and the poverty will continue to live in the family, however, if a girl goes through proper education there will be a positive influence in the family. >> the dream is part of a greater aspiration for china as a whole. but there is no breaking the cycle for many year, that is why widespread poverty makes it difficult to leave traditional roles behind, i'm with al jazeera beijing. >> time to sit back and relax and it's time for sport and here is robin. >> nba financial advisory committee has unanimously voted to begin the process of forcing sterling to sell the clippers to a ten-member committee and will have a meeting on thursday to talk about the ownership of the team and nba ban him for life on
6:52 am
tuesday for making racist comments and will meet next week and clippers are forced in a decisive game 7 in the playoff season with the golden state warriors and tied it 3-3 and on saturday it takes place in los angeles. >> i'm proud of my guys. it has been an incredible ride and now against a three seed with two of the top ten players in the world and future hall of fame coach we go to game 7 in spied of all the sideline music and i like my chances because i have a group of guys and i want to do whatever it takes to win. >> every big rebound we got we cut the league and got it to two and we get an office of rebound so they made the big plays and i thought honestly it was one of those games where neither team
6:53 am
shot the free throws well and it was one of those hustle games and give them credit, i thought they came up with just enough plays to beat us. >> eastern conference number one team the indiana pacers fought to level the bottom ranks atlanta hawks and won 95-88 to force a decider and also into a final game is oklahoma city thunder, memphis grizzlys playoff and thunder winning 104-84 to tie at three a piece. that is basketball and let's go to football news and they will contest this year's europa league in dramatic fashion and valencia and 2-0 after the first leg and valencia had three goals and 3-2 up and they will progress before he struck in the first minutes of injury time and the away goal sending them
6:54 am
through. and this is the chance to contest the final at the home ground, the second leg finished goalless along the 2-1 on aggregate to the second state final played on may 14. >> translator: we deserve totally to go to the final because we played better than inventors and we were better than inventors and we have great players and a great coach and we have great respect for them but they met a great team as well with great players and both have great players so they have been eliminated by a great team and not because of the referee, referees have no impact in lisbin nor turin. >> they are running the copa and it has come to an end and champions knocked out in the 16 round by columbia atletico and two minutes from time and giving
6:55 am
national 2-1 aggregate win and the quarter finals and united states will host the copa america in 2016 as the tournament celebrates the 100th anniversary and it's the world's oldest international team but never been held outside south america and the tournament will include teams from the north and central region and ten teams from the south american football confederati confederation. >> unprecedented significance in the history of sports and lit be the biggest sporting event that the united states has hosted since 2002 winter olympics. and the biggest football event since the 1994 world cup. >> gulf now argentina cabrera has the lead in the wells fargo championship in north carolina
6:56 am
and the two time winner was six under par and the score puts him one shot ahead of another major winner and phil mickelson and 7 top ten finishes but never won this tournament and the shot of the day justin rose eagle putt and near 23 meter effort. helping him close on three under for a tie of 7th place. and we are back on top of tickets, world rankings for the first time since 2009 and captain michael clark is enjoying the news for the victories over england and south africa in the last six months and they have a new chairman of the ticket selection team as well and he announced he is the former person who will take over
6:57 am
on the 1st of july. that is advantage montreal in the eastern conference and canadians were 4-3 winners over the boston brewens and scoring the second goal of the game, 4 minutes and 17 seconds in the second over time and game two of the series takes place on saturday. the mlb-la dodgers beat the twins in the first game of a double hitter and two nothing down in the first inning he dodges back into second and 2-run double giving them a lead 9-4 win. all of the day's sports stories on al jazeera/sport for more. >> love it, thank you very much. stay with us here on al jazeera, we will have the latest from around the world in the next half hour and jane will be here telling you the stories and
6:58 am
making the news.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> results of analyses were skewed in favor of the prosecution >> the fbi can't force the states to look at those cases >> the truth will set you free yeah...don't kid yourself >> the system has failed me two helicopters shot down in the city of slovyansk and several ukrainian soldiers are dead. it happened when kiev launched a new operation trying to take back eastern cities from pro-russian separatists. >> angela merkel and president obama meeting face to face at the whitehouse. it's her first trip to washington since it was revealed the n sachlt was spying on her cell phone.

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